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An illustration of a saliva sample tube with a red lid and a cotton swab inside the tube. The background is a mid-green colour.

BRCA testing for people with Jewish ancestry

NHS England has launched a testing service for people with Jewish ancestry to see if they carry a potentially harmful BRCA variant

NICE recommendations broaden patient access to cancer drug olaparib

The use of the targeted therapy has been expanded to include certain types of breast, prostate, ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers
Abstract graphic illustration representing people using circles, semi circles and blocks using the colours orange, light blue, dark blue, grey and white.

The role of genes in susceptibility to skin cancer

The UK is no sun-drenched paradise, but skin cancer is common among the population. As summer ends, we consider new research that may offer an explanation as to why
A hand in a blue glove places a labelled test tube into the middle of a line of other test-tubes, all with different coloured tops.

Liquid biopsy: A closer look

We take a deep dive into the genomic test that researchers hope will improve treatment for cancer patients

Test trialled to improve treatment for bowel cancer patients

Post-operative cancer patients may avoid side effects from unnecessary chemotherapy thanks to a genomic test
A row of test tubes full of neon pink liquid, each with a pipette dangling above it, drips of more pink liquid about to drop into them.

Cancer vaccines: Three things you need to know

We shine a spotlight on RNA-based immunotherapies, which are fast becoming a major healthcare focus in the UK
Close-up image of a leukaemia cell

Cancer therapy involving genome editing cures another child’s leukaemia

We look at a new type of CAR-T cell therapy that, in the world’s first use, has cured a child patient’s leukaemia

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A doctor sits in a chair with a clipboard on his lap and a pen in his hand. He is mid-conversation with the patient opposite him, who sits up on a hospital bed and leans slightly forward.

GeNotes Oncology: 30+ new articles added

The NHS England National Genomics Education Programme has expanded its oncology GeNotes collection with the addition of 34 new articles, covering a broad range of patient presentations, genomic testing guidance and further learning.
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Genomics in the NHS: A clinician’s guide to genomic testing for cancer (solid tumours)

Join our new two-week online course for a practical guide to the genomic testing pathway for solid tumours


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NHS Confed Expo returns for 2023

Join us at Manchester Central where Sue Hill will be presenting a session on "A healthcare revolution: how genomics is transforming cancer care in the NHS"
A view of the ExCel Centre, London

Genomics and Precision Medicine Expo

Join us at Excel London and explore the latest advancements in genome sequencing and genomic testing at the Genomics and Precision Medicine Expo.

LinkAGE Webinar 5: Targeting chemotherapy in paediatric oncology

Welcome to the fifth of our series of expert webinars. In this webinar Dr Sam Behjati will discuss how genomics can be used to target chemotherapies