A doctor sits in a chair with a clipboard on his lap and a pen in his hand. He is mid-conversation with the patient opposite him, who sits up on a hospital bed and leans slightly forward.

GeNotes Oncology: 30+ new articles added

GeNotes, the free genomics education resource created by clinicians working across the NHS, has updated and expanded its collection for oncologists with the addition of 34 new articles.

Covering a wide range of new patient scenarios, genomic testing guidance and further learning, this new expanded collection is provided by the NHS England National Genomics Education Programme and joins an ever-growing list of specialties, including paediatrics, primary care, endocrinology and neurology.

Concise summaries and in-depth learning

Split across two tiers, GeNotes is there to support the busy oncologist before, during and after patient appointments. The first tier, In the Clinic, contains short, useful summaries centred around example clinical scenarios, and is designed to give clinicians the information they need quickly before or during a patient appointment. The second tier, Knowledge Hub, provides a wealth of further learning resources designed to develop users’ understanding of a broad range of topics – from genomic testing technologies and core genomics concepts to specific genetic conditions.

Specialties coming soon

The demand for more GeNotes specialties keeps growing, with content currently in development for new collections in dermatology, cardiology, mental health and more.

If you think your specialty should be included or you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch.