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Generation Genome: delivering genomics to the NHS

In her annual report, Dame Sally Davies reveals her enthusiasm for genomics and how it can transform diagnosis and treatment for NHS patients

England’s chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies has today launched her annual report for 2016 focusing on genomics, exploring how we currently utilise genomics in the health and care system, and how its potential can be further realised within the NHS.

In the report’s opening chapter, Dame Sally outlines the opportunities of genomic technologies to improve health outcomes for all – what she refers to as “the genomic dream”. The report covers diagnosis, screening, prevention, therapies, as well as the ethical, legal and social implications of genomics.

Leading contributors

Leading figures from the field of genomics have contributed specialist chapters covering areas such as cancer diagnosis and screening, rare diseases, targeted therapies, personalised prevention, pathogen genomics, newborn screening and prenatal testing.

Other topics covered include the use of data, the economics of genomic sequencing, issues around insurance, and the ethical considerations.


Dame Sally makes a number of recommendations in the report, including the widening of access to genomic services and addressing gaps in infrastructure, public engagement and the better co-ordination of research.

The recommendations are aimed at those able to bring about change in the health system, to guide how the potential of genomics can be realised to both improve patient outcomes and maintain the UK’s leadership role in genomics.

You can download a full copy of the report from the website.