Our second annual #GenomicsConversation week of action kicks off on 4 March 2019, and we have a whole host of fun, engaging activities in store, aimed at all health professionals.

The goal for the week is to spark a conversation about genomics in the NHS and increase health professionals’ familiarity, so they feel more comfortable discussing genomic testing with their patients, as well as signposting to relevant information and services.

Throughout the week, a number of free activities will take place, including a panel event in Birmingham, the launch of new podcasts, online courses and educational resources, as well as the return of our popular Twitter quiz, with the special winner’s prize of a free copy of the Genomics Game.

Each activity is designed to raise awareness of the impact of genomics on patient care – particularly pertinent with the roll-out of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service and whole genome sequencing. Check out our activities calendar and show your support on social media by sharing some of the messages below.

And, of course, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you can hear the latest news about the week and make your voice heard in the #GenomicsConversation.


Activities Calendar

Example Pledges

During the #GenomicsConversation week of action we are asking people to make a pledge to share what they have learned during the week with a colleague or their wider team. We would like people to post their pledges on social their media to keep the Genomics Conversation going. Below are a few suggestions...