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Explore genomics in midwifery

Discover how genomics is being used in midwifery practice through this new and exciting educational resource

Genomics is fundamental to midwifery practice. It allows midwives to predict and prepare for situations in pregnancy to better protect and care for the parent and child. With its recent inclusion in the NMC standards of proficiency for midwives, it is important that the benefits of genomics are understood.

To help midwives recognise the significance of genomics in their practice, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) has created a new resource in the Genomics in Healthcare series: Genomics in Midwifery. The webpage brings together tips and tools to support midwives at any point of their career and at any stage of their genomics learning journey.

New ways of learning

The resource brings together a variety of learning opportunities, including an introductory animation highlighting the importance of genomics in midwifery practice, a pregnancy touchpoint walkthrough with good practice tips and a case study that explores why early information about family history can have such a big impact on care.

Genomics in action

In addition, the resource also outlines some of the different genomic tests currently being used in the NHS to provide wider context around what can be a confusing topic. Midwives can also learn more about the NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) and the valuable part they play in its delivery.

Connect with us

The Royal College of Midwives annual conference is taking place on 5-6 October, and the GEP team are pleased to be taking part in the virtual exhibition.  We’d love to speak to you about the resource, as well as answer any questions you might have. Book your place now and join us online.