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This report summarises the findings of an independent study to evaluate the Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework, a national postgraduate training programme developed by Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme to upskill the NHS workforce in genomic medicine.

Established in 2015, the programme is currently delivered by seven higher education institutions and has trained approximately 1,500 healthcare professionals at a cost of about £10 million (2015–21).

The study used a mixed methods approach, including (i) an online survey of current and past learners (n=212) and NHS line managers (n=55), and (ii) interviews and focus groups with learners, line managers and faculty involved in programme delivery. Both approaches aimed to survey stakeholders’ perceptions of the programme, to assess whether it is delivering its objectives and whether further development is needed to adapt to future NHS needs.

We found that the programme has considerable strengths, including: (i) recruiting learners from a wide range of professional backgrounds and a broad geographical spread; (ii) developing curricula and learning environments that encourage healthcare professionals to commit to long-term study; (iii) high levels of participant and manager satisfaction; and (iv) evidence of positive impact in the NHS workplace.

For more findings, and recommendations, from the evaluation, please download and view the full report.


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20th February 2023

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Masters in Genomic Medicine evaluation report