HSST supporting scientists at the highest level

One of the central elements of Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme’s (GEP) work is the development of scientific and leadership expertise at the highest level to support the introduction of genomic technologies across the healthcare system.

Higher Specialist Scientist Training, the training for consultant clinical scientists, is an essential part of the workforce planning to expand the specialist scientific workforce in genomics. The GEP has therefore agreed funding for an extra 27 HSST places, to start training in March 2015–16 for HSST Genetics and 11 for HSST in Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease (specifically focused in Histopathology and Haematology).


The GEP supported a robust recruitment process through the National School of Healthcare Science to attract talented individuals to these places, with the majority of posts affiliated with the organisations that have become NHS Genomic Medicine Centres (see map).

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