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Date and Time

Tue, 24th Jan 2023, 5:00pm

to Tue, 24th Jan 2023, 6:30pm


MS Teams Live


Welcome to the first in new series of expert webinars. The LinkAGE (Linking Academia and Genomics Education) series will aim to provide expert seminars on exciting ‘bench-to-bedside’ projects that are likely to impact on clinical practice in the not-too-distant future.

Our first webinar and Q&A session in the series will be broadcast live on Tuesday 24 January at 5pm and will provide an introduction to gene-directed therapies and is presented by cellular therapeutics expert Dr James Patterson. The webinar and Q&A will cover:

  • an introduction to gene-directed therapy modalities and strategies;
  • the use of genetic approaches for ex vivo engineering of therapeutics;
  • how we deliver gene medicines in vivo;
  • novel in vivo gene-directed therapeutics for complex disease; and
  • a discussion of near-term advancement and an overview of key challenges facing next generation approaches.

By the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  • summarise different gene-directed therapy modalities and strategies.
  • identify different genetic approaches used for ex vivo engineering of therapeutics.
  • explain how we deliver gene medicines in vivo.
  • describe how novel in vivo gene-directed therapeutics are used for complex diseases.
  • discuss near-term advancements in gene-directed therapeutics and the challenges that they may present.

Who is the LinkAGE expert webinar series aimed at?

This webinar series is aimed at researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals who already have a strong understanding of fundamental genomics concepts. If you are just starting your learning journey, or need a quick refresher, we encourage you to check out our genetics and genomics learning centre.

Meet the speaker

James Patterson, MB/PhD, currently works in Cambridge, UK on his start-up Xap Therapeutics. James studied medicine at Cambridge, where he spent most summers working on a diverse set of projects, from worms to cancer stem cells. He graduated with a degree in medicine/biochemistry before moving to the Francis Crick Institute to complete his MB/PhD on fission yeast cell size control with the Nobel prize winner Sir Paul Nurse. Separate to his academic work, James developed and built an IP focused biotech company – Auxolytic – which demonstrated proof of concept of a CRISPR-engineered cell therapy safety switch. In 2018, James founded Xap Therapeutics, a biotech company developing a CRISPR engineered, iPSC-derived delivery vehicle for complex therapeutics.

Where to watch

This webinar can now be watched online via YouTube.