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Learn the basics of genomics at this interactive workshop

Genomics is a complex topic for beginners, but this introductory course is designed to demystify the technology and translate the terminology

On Friday 23rd March, the University of Southampton is hosting a one-day interactive course, ‘Primer in Genomic Medicine’, which will provide an introductory overview of genomics in healthcare. The course is aimed at specialist and non-specialist nurses, GPs and the wider group of healthcare professionals and scientists who would benefit from a basic understanding of genomics. No prior knowledge of genomics or genetics is needed.

The course will strongly feature activity and workshop components, making use of clinical case studies of patients and their families. The course will be delivered by leading academics and health professionals, and will cover the fundamentals of the genome right through to understanding a typical genomics clinical report that could appear on a patient’s notes.

There are two further workshops scheduled for later this year. Further details are available on the course page.

Apply for course fee funding

The cost of attending the course is £250 per person. NHS staff in England can apply for funding through the Genomics Education Programme. To apply or for further information on the course content, please visit the University of Southampton course page.

To apply for course fee funding, please visit our information page.