Learn about the fundamentals of genomics

Two new short online courses, exploring the role of proteins and how genetic conditions are inherited, have been added to our collection

Adding to its growing list of courses and resources, the programme has this week launched two new courses as part of its Genomics 101 series, which aims to provide a grounding in, or recap on, the fundamentals of genomics.

Created for those with little or no previous knowledge of the subject, the courses in this series each focus on a key aspects of genomics, whether the underlying science or the clinical application. There are six courses in total, each around 30 minutes in duration. Two more courses will be added later this year.

From Gene to Protein

The main purpose of this new course is to help health professionals and students understand what proteins are and how the information in our genes is used to build them. Learners will discover how the information in our genes is converted into proteins, how this process is regulated and how changes in our DNA can impact protein production and have lasting implications for our health.

Dominant Recessive and Beyond: How Genetic Conditions are Inherited

As the use of genomics in healthcare becomes more common, our understanding of how the genetic information we inherit from our parents can affect our health grows. The main purpose of this new course is to help health professionals and students understand the common modes of inheritance of genetic conditions and to be able to identify them based on the pattern of affected people in a family history.

The other courses in the series

  • Genomics in Healthcare – This first course introduces genomics and highlights how it is already in use across key areas in healthcare.
  • Taking and Drawing a Genetic Family History – The course explores the reasons for taking a genetic family history and provides some of the tools and tips needed to draw one.
  • Inheriting Genomic Information – We inherit our genome from our parents, but how does DNA from your mother and your father combine to produce your own unique set of genetic information?
  • From Genes to Genome – This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with a fundamental understanding of DNA, genomes and genes.

Get learning today

All our 101 courses are available through the e-LfH platform and are free to access for NHS staff and those within universities in the UK. At the end of each session, there is an opportunity to demonstrate what has been learnt through a short quiz and a certificate of participation.