Young girl looking apprehensive while speaking to health visitor

Explore genomics in health visiting

Health visitors can start or continue their genomics learning journey with this exciting new resource

Many health visitors may not be familiar with the term ‘genomics’, but its integration into mainstream healthcare means that it is becoming fundamental to health visiting practice. Often the first point of contact for children and their families, health visitors are in a unique position to recognise clinical clues that could be cause for action and support families through genomic testing and treatment.

To help upskill the health visiting workforce and provide support in genomics learning, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP), in collaboration with the Institute of Health Visiting (iHV), has created a dynamic new resource in the Genomics in Healthcare series: Genomics in Health Visiting.

More ways to learn

Launched as part of the #GenomicsConversation week, the webpage brings together tips and tools to support health visitors at any point of their career and at any stage of their genomics learning journey.

The page is divided into key sections highlighting important aspects of genomics in health visiting, including the diagnostic odyssey, how to take a family history, and the impact genomics can have on families’ lives.

The resource also adopts a multifaceted learning approach to cater for a range of learning styles, featuring videos, image carousels and other interactive elements, with more content to be added in the months following the launch.

Genomics in practice

Genomics in Health Visiting has been developed with a keen focus on functional learning, with tips and takeaways that can be applied in practice right away. Learners can explore Lan’s story – an affecting case study that guides health visitors through the various genomic touchpoints that can impact on a family, or read up on answers to fundamental questions they may have – why me, why now?

For those looking for more, a handy link bank includes signposting out to many other resources, including the iHV’s Good Practice Points eXtra documents that work as an excellent ‘next step’ for learners looking to continue their journey.

Genomics In Health Visiting is now available to view here