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Note: This factsheet has been designed as a post-session handout for learners taking part in a Genomics Game session, but can also be used as learning resources in other settings. See the full collection here.

Key facts

  • Our genomes are 99.9% the same as the genomes of other individuals.
  • It is the 0.1% difference that interests us in healthcare.
  • The difference or variation in our genomes is what makes each of us unique.
  • Most variation causes no harm, but some have serious consequences and can impact on health.

Did you know?

  • As well as sharing around 99.9% of the genome with each other, we also share 96% with chimpanzees, 90% with mice and 60% with bananas.
  • Although it seems small, the 0.1% variation in the 3 billion letters of our genome equates to around 3 million differences.
  • Individuals may have the same genetic changes linked to a condition, but this does not mean they will present with similar or even any symptoms.

Find out more

For more fun facts about the genome, visit our Flickr channel.


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27th June 2019

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18th November 2019

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