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Twitterchat: What role does popular culture play in healthcare?

During this chat we would like to explore some of the common themes, myths and misconceptions perpetuated by popular culture around genetics and genomics

Popular culture is a good way to get new advances in healthcare into the public’s consciousness. However, sometimes facts can be misconstrued, and expectations elevated. How important is it to separate the fact from the fiction?

On Wednesday 11 November, the Genomics Education Programme is co-hosting a Twitterchat with the aim of addressing the role of popular culture in healthcare, on the @WeNurses platform. During the chat, originally due to be held as part of the #GenomicsConversation week in March, we will explore the ways in which popular culture brings the latest advances in healthcare into the public’s consciousness. We will also ask participants to share their strategies for dealing with patient questions that can arise from media coverage. You can find out more details about the chat on the WeNurses page.

Popular culture podcast

To support the discussion, we have developed a short podcast that introduces the topic and provides some context and background information. The podcast is free and is available to download today, and we would welcome everyone to listen before joining the Twitterchat on the 11th November.

The #GenomicsConversation 2021

Over the summer, we conducted a genomics awareness survey with a variety of groups from the NHS workforce to find out more about their understanding of genomics and what they feel the barriers are to learning more. We had a fantastic response, and the results will help to shape our #GenomicsConversation 2021 campaign next March. We hope to bring you an action-packed week in 2021, and one which is tailored specifically to the areas which matter most to you. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information about the campaign as we approach the start date.