Introducing genomics into healthcare – free video resources

The GEP’s educational videos are supporting the incorporation of genomics into mainstream medicine

To meet the growing interest in genomic medicine within the NHS, HEE’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP) has produced a series of videos to help all healthcare professionals understand the role genomics will play in future patient care and treatments.

Sitting alongside its other ‘just in-time’ resources, the GEP videos aim to provide all healthcare professionals with an introduction to genomics, explaining what it is and how it will transform outcomes for patients within the NHS. The library of videos, currently available on the GEP website – and also available via YouTube and Vimeo – has been created to give all healthcare staff a flavour of how genomics will affect them and their interaction with patients.

Education for all

Assuming no prior genetics/genomics knowledge, the videos are informative, thought-provoking and motivating. Several act as a prelude to longer courses produced by the GEP, such as the short online courses covering genomics and bioinformatics. There is also a course specifically aimed at those working as part of the NHS GMCs, covering the consent conversation with patients interested in taking part in the 100,000 Genomes Project. More resources in support of staff working on the project are currently underway; and the GEP is also developing an online course in whole genome sequencing to be hosted by Futurelearn.

As part of its ongoing strategy to support NHS staff to make the most of genomic advances in their area of work, the GEP website has a range of additional just-in-time resources for health professionals to view, download, print and share. The videos and online resources help to build and enhance knowledge and understanding of genomics across the health service.