Genomics Master’s series: study genomics and get ahead

Natalie Bolton, one of our funded Master’s students, explains how studying genomics has prepared her for the future of healthcare

Whilst working as a biomedical scientist, I decided to apply to the Master’s in Genomic Medicine after seeing it advertised in the hospital newsletter. I thought it looked really interesting and it turned out I was right! I chose to study the course part-time in order to fit it around work.

I soon found out that the course is very broad and you definitely learn a lot. Although I don’t necessarily have to apply the knowledge I learned from the Master’s in my role currently, I am fully aware of how important genomics is going to be in the future of healthcare. I would definitely say it has prepared me for how I will be applying this in my work soon enough.

The part-time course is really well tailored for those working. You can complete the coursework in your own time, which is great when you already have a busy day job. I also liked how the course started off at a basic level, which meant you didn’t have to have any in depth background knowledge in genomics before you started. It’s very inclusive in that respect and allows everyone to start on the same page.

I really enjoyed learning about genomics and I would urge anyone else thinking about doing the course to go for it; especially whilst it is funded by the NHS. Not only is it a very interesting subject, but we are hearing about this field of medicine more and more, so having a genomics qualification is only going to get you ahead.

Natalie Bolton is Biomedical Scientist at Kings College Hospital.

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