Genomics faculty symposium – event postponed

Revised arrangements for Genomic Education Programme faculty symposium in September

Following feedback from Master’s students, course leaders and other leaders in Genomic Medicine, the arrangements for the Genomics Education Programme Faculty Symposium are to be revised. A more interactive format is to be developed to allow more students to participate and a broader range of speaker contributions.

This means the physical event in Manchester planned for Friday 9th September 2016 will no longer take place. The arrangements for the revised event will be made available as soon as possible.

The concept of the symposium was to form a community of practice to build and maintain genomic knowledge and for that community to act as champions within the wider workforce to drive forward the mainstreaming of genomic technologies across the NHS.

The GEP would like to thank all the members of the Master’s in Genomic Medicine community who have helped shape the ideas and structure for the event to date and the useful feedback they have given us about improving access to the event. If you have further ideas on how we can deliver the most benefit through an interactive event, please contact the GEP on and we will try to build these into our plans.

If you have made travel arrangements that can’t be refunded, the Programme will cover the costs of this. Please contact for more information on how to claim.