Genomic testing course runs again for Rare Disease Day 2024

Our practical online course dedicated to genomic testing for rare disease within the NHS is approaching its latest run, hosted by expert mentors

The availability and applicability of genomic testing for a range of rare conditions continues to increase across the NHS thanks to the expansion of Genomic Test Directory. For those clinicians keen to understand the practical aspects of requesting genomic testing, the NHS England Genomics Education programme is beginning a new run of its popular, practical online course Genomics in the NHS: A Clinician’s Guide to Genomic Testing for Rare Disease.

Starting on Monday 4 March 2024, those enrolling on the course will learn about the different types of genomic testing for rare disease – from single gene tests to whole genome sequencing – and will walk through the application of this testing in clinical practice.

Expert support

Throughout the course, learners will hear from a wide range of contributors – from genomics specialists to patients with lived experience of rare disease – to help contextualise the scope and importance of the service. What’s more, those enrolling on Monday 4 March will be joined by a team of expert mentors who will be on hand to answer questions, respond to comments and provide support during the course run.

The course follows a two-week structure, taking learners on a journey that moves from the reality of living with a rare disease to the practicalities of identifying and testing for those conditions within the NHS, before returning to the patient voice and the wider implications that results may have for families.

Interactive learning

Throughout the course, learning is delivered through a variety of media, including video tutorials, interviews, animations, articles and discussion steps. Interactive elements, including quizzes and activities, allow learners to demonstrate their knowledge and further discussion is encouraged in the comments below each step. Those wishing to learn more about a particular topic can do so by following signposts out to other resources.

For further details and to sign up, please visit the course page. NHS staff who wish to sign up will have free access to the course, including a free lifetime upgrade, by clicking here.