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Delve into whole genome sequencing

Join us this October for a deep dive into this revolutionary genomic test and learn how it is being used to benefit patients

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) allows us to ‘read’ a person’s or an organism’s entire genetic code. It is one of a growing range of genomic sequencing tests now available through the NHS Genomic Medicine Service in England. But where would we use WGS as opposed to another test? What sets it apart from the other tests available? And what are the implications for patients, healthcare professionals and wider society? Join our online course, starting 18th October to find out more.

Learn from the experts

Taking place over a three-week period, the course will start with a recap of the fundamentals of DNA before moving on to a behind the scenes visit to the laboratory to investigate how WGS works, who’s involved, and where it is really making a difference in healthcare today; including the opportunity to hear from patients.

You’ll hear from leading expert clinicians and researchers working in cancer, rare disease and infectious disease. You can also interact with our team of course mentors – all of whom are working in genomics – in comment sections and discussion steps throughout the course run.

Flexible online learning

Our course is free and flexible, available online from 18th October; however, enrolment will remain open until 19th December so you can start anytime during the two-month period. While the course itself runs for three weeks, the content will be available over a five-week period so you can move through the units as quickly or slowly as you like in that time.

Learning is through a range of articles, videos, animations and discussion forums facilitated by our expert mentors, and you can test your knowledge with quizzes throughout the course.

Complimentary upgrades

You can choose to upgrade your course for £72, meaning you’ll receive a certificate of achievement once you’re eligible and the course will remain open to you as long as it remains online. Anyone working within NHS and care is eligible for a complimentary upgrade. Find out more information when you begin the course.

For further details or to sign up, please visit the course page.