CPPD Modules

Most of our university providers offer CPPD modules as non-assessed. Please refer to the relevant course page or contact the course coordinator directly for more information.

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  • CPPD ModuleBioinformatics Analysis

    Advanced Bioinformatics

    This module introduces a deeper exploration of bioinformatics analysis of genomic data, providing a greater understanding of the different approaches to mapping and alignment of genome sequence data, programming and scripting, along with approaches for the detection and analysis of genomic changes.

  • CPPD ModuleDisease Modelling and Genome Engineering

    Disease Modelling and Genome Engineering

    This unit will provide essential and contemporary knowledge on the importance of using model systems to investigate the functional genomics of inherited human diseases. The unit will also review genomic engineering technologies and provide a workshop for the design of CRISPR-Cas9 reagents.