The LinkAGE series will provide expert seminars on exciting ‘bench-to-bedside’ projects that are likely to impact on clinical practice in the not-too-distant future (if they haven’t already).  

These webinars are aimed at researchers and clinicians who have a very good understanding of fundamental genomic concepts – primarily those spearheading the integration of genomics into their specialty, or who are working in specialist genomics areas. If you are just setting off on your learning journey, or need a quick refresher, we encourage you to check out this resource to help you decide where to start. 

The purpose of these webinars is fourfold:  

  • to increase the awareness of cutting-edge research in the clinical sphere; 
  • to improve knowledge of genetics/genomics techniques and technologies; 
  • to create a compendium of expert talks that is available and accessible; and 
  • to ensure that we update, where relevant, postgraduate clinical curricula to prepare the healthcare workforce for new genomic advances.