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Genomic medicine is on the threshold of a significant advance in the United Kingdom (UK) with the introduction of a National Health Service (NHS) Genomic Medicine Service. This world-leading initiative aims to integrate genomic medicine into routine NHS care and has the potential to revolutionise healthcare in the UK, including dentistry. The initial focus will be on increasing diagnostic services for rare diseases and cancer, while also harnessing the use of personalised medicine for therapeutic interventions in multiple disorders. Here, we provide a brief overview of this new service, outlining the historical background that has led to its development and how it will work, as well as discussing some of the wider implications for healthcare within the NHS and highlighting the potential longer-term impact of genomics for oral health.”

This abstract is from the Genomics Education Programme-affiliated manuscript published in November 2020 in the academic journal British Dental Journal. The full article can be obtained via visiting the hosting journal’s webpage at: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41415-020-2348-2