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Note: This factsheet has been designed as a post-session handout for learners taking part in a Genomics Game session, but can also be used as learning resources in other settings. See the full collection here.

Key facts

  • In healthcare, genomics can be used with health data to improve prediction, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease.
  • Personalised – or precision – medicine describes treatment or care specifically tailored to the individual.
  • Pharmacogneomics uses genomic information to optimise drug responses and minimise adverse side-effects.

Did you know?

  • Variation in our genomes can reveal whether someone might develop a genetic condition, or that they are more susceptible to developing a certain condition.
  • Variation in people’s genomes mean they may respond differently to a treatment for the same condition.
  • Advances in technology and reductions in cost mean techniques like whole genome sequencing can be used in a healthcare setting.

Find out more

To see examples of how genomics is being used in the NHS, visit our Genomics in Healthcare section.


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27th June 2019

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18th November 2019

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Game factsheet 6: Genomics in healthcare