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The Clinical Pathway Initiative (CPI), led by NHS England’s National Genomics Education, aims to facilitate the integration of genomic competencies into mainstream clinical pathways, and to enable the wider healthcare workforce to support patients through genomic testing and management via a national and consistent approach.

As the primary evaluation, the National Genomics Education team conducted a process evaluation of one of the first CPI projects to be developed: familial hypercholesterolaemia. Using a mixed-methods approach, this process evaluation aimed to evaluate the usability and acceptability of the CPI by both authors and end users, and to provide insight into the innovation to make recommendations for optimal success. All interviews and surveys were conducted between April and May 2023. Results from this process evaluation will help to inform a longer-term real-world evaluation of individual CPI projects, and their impact on workforce education, training and patient care.

The results and protocol for this process evaluation can be downloaded from this webpage.