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“Purpose: The study aimed to develop a nationally agreed, cross-professional competency framework outlining the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to facilitate genomic tests.

“Methods: Using principles of the nominal group technique, a consensus meeting with 25 experts mapped themes to an initial framework and voted on areas of inconsistency. A revised framework was open for consultation with health care professionals and patient communities before being published. An evaluation, using an online survey, was conducted to explore early use and factors to facilitate adoption of the framework.

“Results: The framework identified 8 competencies required to facilitate genomic tests. The evaluation (239 survey responses from health care professionals) indicated that the framework addresses a timely need among users and identified ways to improve awareness and accessibility for different health care professional groups.

“Conclusion: This framework can be used as a guide for best practice by health care professionals who request genomic tests. It can also provide a foundation to identify learning needs and structure training such that conversations about genomic testing can be delivered in a consistent manner across specialties. These competencies can also be used as a reference to evaluate how consent is facilitated in different specialty areas to enhance the responsible delivery of genomic medicine.”

This abstract is from the Genomics Education Programme-affiliated manuscript published in May 2022 in the academic journal Genetics in Medicine. The full article can be obtained via visiting the hosting journal’s webpage at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gim.2022.04.023