Guidance and messaging to help you get the most out of this year’s genomics week of action

The sixth annual #GenomicsConversation campaign will take place on 26-30 June 2023 and we expect it to be the biggest week of action yet! This year, the event will focus on uncovering the many ways genomics is shaping patient care and we’re inviting all healthcare professionals to develop some awareness of genomics.

Remember, you don’t need to know everything, but the right level of knowledge and confidence will make a huge difference. So join us, and let’s talk genomics!

If you want to learn more about the week, you can read our FAQs below.

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Themes for the week

Monday 26 June

‘Hidden genomics’: What’s it all about?

Tuesday 27 June

Finding genomics: From clinic to corridor

Wednesday 28 June

Hear hooves, think zebra: Clinicians’ stories

Thursday 29 June

Experts through experience: Patient stories

Friday 30 June

Seeking support and finding out more

How can I get involved?

We really appreciate your support to help our message reach the whole workforce. Why not try some of the activities below, or come up with your own! Remember to link your activities in with the daily themes, too.

  • Produce an audio interview, vlog, or blog with a genomics specialist,  a healthcare professional or a patient representative who has seen the impact that genomics can have. We’d love to see all professions and workforce areas represented during the week!
  • Facilitate an interview with a healthcare professional who has recently uncovered the power of genomics. What are their thoughts for the future?
  • Take over a Trust Twitter account for a day or even the whole week. If you need inspiration, take a look at our sample social messages, below.
  • Facilitate masterclass events for a specific workforce group, such as the nursing and midwifery masterclasses held during 2020. These could feature expert speakers to educate your audience about what is happening locally in genomics.
  • Run webinars, presentations or Q&A videos aimed at a particular workforce group. Our website is full of educational content that you could promote and share during the week.

Remember to keep us updated and tag us in your posts, so we can share news of your planned activities across our networks.

Social media, images and the #hashtag

Please include the #GenomicsConversation hashtag in all your posts about the week and, of course, please add any other relevant hashtags, for example, #genomics, #genetics, #FutureNHS, #TeamCNO, #GenomicsInMidwifery, #NHSMidwives, #HealthVisitors, #pharmacy etc…

Remember to tag @genomicsedu in your posts so that we can share and retweet your content.

You are welcome to use any of our campaign images for your posts, which are free to download from our Flickr album.

Sample messages

Need a message to use or adapt for your social media channels? Choose from a selection of targeted and non-targeted posts.

Non-targeted posts (suitable for all)

Save the date! Join @genomicsedu on 26 June for the next #GenomicsConversation week of action and lets uncover genomics:

Save the date! Join @genomicsedu on 26 June for the next #GenomicsConversation week and uncover the many ways genomics is shaping patient care: 

Join @genomicsedu this June to learn the basics, find out why genomics might be ‘hidden’ for some – and what it might mean for you and your practice: #GenomicsConversation

A #GenomicsConversation can happen in so many places. This June, find out some of the different ways to learn more and spread the word:

Are you looking for ways to better understand the impact of #genomics? Join @genomicsedu in June to hear patient perspectives and their experiences of genomic testing:

Discover the ways in which #genomics is helping clinicians care for and treat their patients during the @genomicsedu #GenomicsConversation week:

What are the clinical clues to look for in #PrimaryCare when it comes to a #RareDisease? What other information can genomics tell us? Join @genomicsedu this June to find out more:

Do you feel confident talking about #genomics? Join the @genomicsedu #GenomicsConversation to boost your knowledge:

Don’t know what genomics is? Join @genomicsedu in June for their #GenomicsConversation campaign and learn the fundamentals:

I’m joining the #GenomicsConversation in June with @genomicsedu to learn about #genomics and its role in improving patient care and treatment:

Targeted posts (for specific groups)

Don’t forget to add your profession-specific hashtags to help boost your message.

Most of us have heard of #genetics in [insert profession], but what about #genomics? Join the #GenomicsConversation 26-30 June and find out what you need to know: @genomicsedu #genomics 

Think genomics isn’t relevant to you? [Insert profession], join the #GenomicsConversation with @genomicsedu, who will uncover the many ways genomics is shaping patient care: 

#Genomics is increasingly relevant in [insert profession] practice, but may be ‘hidden’ for some. Do you encounter genomics in your day-to-day role? Join @genomicsedu in June and find out what you need to know: #GenomicsConversation

26-30 June is #GenomicsConversation week – a time for [insert profession] to learn about genomics and its role in patient care. Find out what’s happening here: @genomicsedu  

Calling all [insert profession]. Join @genomicsedu this June to boost your knowledge of genomics and help continue the #GenomicsConversation:  #GenomicsConversation

#GenomicsConversation week is all about exploring genomics. [Insert profession], join @genomicsedu to find out why #genomics is relevant in your practice, what it could unearth and what you need to know: #GenomicsConversation


We answer some common questions about this year’s #GenomicsConversation week

What is the #GenomicsConversation week?

The #GenomicsConversation week is an annual awareness-raising campaign, which takes place each year. During the week, we feature a variety of informative and engaging activities for healthcare professionals to access and join in. The goal is to uncover the many ways genomics is now shaping patient care and increase healthcare professionals’ familiarity with the topic.

When will it be taking place?

This year’s #GenomicsConversation week will take place on 26-30 June 2023.

Who organises the #GenomicsConversation week?

The #GenomicsConversation week is co-ordinated by NHS England’s National Genomics Education programme, but events or activities can be organised by anyone and are encouraged.

Our partners come from all NHS workforce groups and have one key aim: to raise awareness of genomics in healthcare. The growth and continuing success of the week is in no small part thanks to our partners and the enthusiasm of participants.

Who are the activities/events targeted at?

The activities are designed for any health professional who would like to learn a little, or a lot, about genomics and how it is becoming a part of routine practice.

Not everyone needs to know everything about genomics – but the right level of knowledge can make a huge difference to how we communicate with colleagues and patients. So, let’s talk genomics!

Where do the activities take place?

Many of the activities taking place during the week will be online. Some of our partners may hold regional face-to-face events; these will be advertised through their social media platforms or websites.

Can I download #GenomicsConversation week images for use in my social media posts and promotional material?

Yes, you can. Our library of images for the week can be found on our Flickr channel.

I have a question that isn’t covered in this FAQs. Can you help?

Of course! You can contact us at any time by emailing the team.

Illustrated lady with megaphone

Let’s continue the conversation

If you have been inspired by our #GenomicsConversation week, why not continue the conversation with your colleagues or patients? Please remember to share any events and activities planned for the weeks or months following the week so we can all continue to talk genomics.

Need more help or support with your genomics activities? Please feel free to send our team a message.