Frameworks and resources for the genomics transformation projects in England

NHS England and NHS Improvement has funded seven national genomics transformation projects (see box), delivered through the Genomic Medicine Service Alliances (GMSAs) and supported by Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme (HEE GEP).

The projects were funded in financial year 2021-22 and are currently being delivered to plan, with the hope for continued evolution and development over time for existing and new pathways.

The GEP’s role

The GEP is supporting the delivery of the transformation projects in two key ways.

Educational frameworks

The GEP has developed the Clinical Pathway Initiative (CPI): a method for service leaders and educators to identify workforce development and educational requirements aligned to patient pathways.

Each CPI project identifies the steps in a genomic testing pathway and the healthcare professionals involved, and then maps the competencies required and educational resources to help achieve those competencies. The GEP has invited transformation teams to use the CPI to map out pathways relevant to their project.

Educational resources

Those involved in delivering the transformation projects can develop supporting educational resources in collaboration with the GEP, such as through GeNotes, and/or signpost to other sources of education via the relevant transformation project webpage.

The transformation projects

The seven NHSE/I-funded national genomics transformation projects cover seven areas of genomic healthcare. You can access supporting education via the links below, where available.

  • Artery with cholesterol build-up and stuck red blood cells

Familial hypercholesterolaemia

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