The GEP is collaborating with NHSE/I to help shape the workforce to deliver genomic medicine to patients

Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP), in collaboration with the NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) Genomics Unit, has established the Joint Genomics Workforce Steering Group.

This group brings together representatives from the Genomic Laboratory Hub (GLH) and Genomic Medicine Service Alliance (GMSA) regions and other key stakeholders across the health service to:

  • focus on the workforce elements required to deliver the NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS);​
  • adapt to changes in the system and take on board workforce plans and implications;​
  • develop a robust governance structure and reporting lines;​ and
  • share best practice and shape activity for the development of the multi-professional workforce​.

The purpose of the group is to establish and oversee a number of task-and-finish groups, which will cover the delivery of identified priority work streams. This will provide a co-ordinated and aligned approach to workforce transformation across the system.

Key priorities

The group has identified four key pieces of work ​to take forward during 2021/22.

Workforce survey

Initially focusing on medics, the GEP is leading on a workforce survey in collaboration with the GMSAs’ education and training leads.

Education planning

This activity is being driven by the E&T leads with support from the GEP and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust clinical geneticist Professor Kate Tatton-Brown.

Workforce planning

This piece of work will be led by the GEP with support from the Joint Genomics Workforce Steering Group.

Workforce transformation

A working group is being established to support GMSA transformation projects.

Steering group membership

The membership of the Joint Genomics Workforce Steering Group is made up of representatives from across genomics and healthcare.

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  • Co-chair: HEE GEP scientific director Dr Anneke Seller
  • Co-chair: NHSE/I Genomics Unit head of implementation Deborah Porter
  • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges genomics champion group representative
  • Association of Clinical Genomic Science representative
  • Association for Genetic Nurses and Counsellors representative
  • British Society for Genetic Medicine representative
  • Cancer charities’ genomic strategy group chair
  • GLH education and training and/or GMSA workforce leads
  • GLH pathology leads group representative
  • GP with special interest in genetics
  • HEE GEP representative
  • HEE National School of Healthcare Science representative
  • HEE representative from genomics, cancer and commissioning
  • NHSE/I Clinical Reference Group representative
  • NHSE/I Genomics Unit nursing and midwifery representative
  • NHSE/I Genomics Unit pharmacy representative
  • NHSE/I service development lead responsible for workforce

Task-and-finish groups

The Workforce Steering Group has established task-and-finish (T&F) groups to take forward the four priorities.

Workforce survey T&F group

Co-chaired by St George’s’ Professor Kate Tatton-Brown and GEP education development lead Dr Michelle Bishop.

Education and training leads T&F group

Co-chaired by South West and North Thames GLH education and training leads Mel Watson and Corinne Trim.

Workforce transformation T&F group

Co-chaired by NHSE/I Genomics Unit service development lead Helen Liggett and the GEP programme manager Alison Pope.

Primary care special interest group

Led by Dr Jude Hayward, GP with a special interest in genetics, primary care adviser to the GEP, and the Royal College of General Practice’s joint clinical champion in genomics.

This page will be updated as the task-and-finish groups report back on their activity and progress. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook or sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.