A network of professionals tasked with supporting workforce transformation, funded by the programme

Following the establishment of 13 Genomic Medicine Centres (GMCs) by NHS England, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) funded the appointment of an education and training lead at each centre in order to support workforce development requirements around the 100,000 Genomes Project and more broadly around genomics. The initiative ran from 2016 to 2018, in line with the completion of the recruitment and sequencing phases of the project.

The education and training (E&T) leads’ activities included:

  • delivering educational workshops and training courses for local staff;
  • patient and public engagement to raise awareness of genomics and the 100,000 Genomes Project;
  • building links to primary care stakeholders and Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs);
  • reaching out and extending links across professions to raise awareness of new roles and ways of working; and
  • establishing networks and ensuring engagement with local delivery partners.

The E&T leads also conducted a comprehensive training needs analysis in their local region, the results of which have informed the GEP’s strategy and approach to education and training nationally.

Read more about some of the E&T leads’ activities and achievements below.

Map of NHS GMCs

Map of NHS GMCs

Greater Manchester NHS GMC

  • Embedded genomics into the foundation year 1 teaching programme within all north and east Manchester trusts.
  • Developed a participant ambassadors group to share experiences and inform health professionals about the importance of genomics.
  • Set up genomic café events at all north Manchester trusts to engage healthcare professionals.

Oxford NHS GMC

  • Developed school and careers events, including activities for older children to highlight career opportunities in genomics.
  • Used patient days to focus on the 100,000 Genomes Project and the progress of personalised medicine.
  • Held six ‘café scientifique’ events to provide an informal forum for healthcare professionals to learn about genomics.
  • Delivered award-winning outreach work that provided equipment for genomics activities in schools.

North East & North Cumbria NHS GMC

  • Developed a number of educational resources for use in the region and shared with other GMCs.
  • Created an information pack for every general practice in the region.
  • Formed the North-East and North Cumbria Genomics Education Steering Group.
  • Public and patient engagement through the organisation of local and regional events, including careers days, conferences and science events.

North Thames GMC

  • Set up training for more than 2,000 health professionals, including sessions for programme directors.
  • Developed an animated educational film for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).
  • Embedded genomics into yearly training cycles to ensure the local workforce is equipped to harness genomic technologies.

North West Coast NHS GMC

  • Increased participant recruitment to the 100,000 Genomes Project by 35% following recruitment of E&T project manager.
  • Delivered a community roadshow in Liverpool City Centre to raise public awareness of the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • Set up joint workshops with Liverpool Health Partners on topics including oncology and infectious disease.

South London NHS GMC

  • Raised awareness of genomics through roadshows held in hospital foyers, stands at educational events, and newsletters.
  • Educated around 3,000 people through face-to-face teaching.
  • Built a repository of educational resources to signpost tens of thousands of health professionals and patients to massive open online courses, lectures, workshops, webinars and downloadable resources.

Wessex NHS GMC

  • Developed a comprehensive, pan-regional education programme designed to reach as many healthcare professionals as possible across the region.
  • Held public engagement and school events across Wessex, and developed an awareness-raising film.
  • Held a ‘Genomics Primer’ event, in partnership with the University of Southampton, covering key topics including genetic inheritance and testing.

West of England NHS GMC

  • Developed a LEGO Probots education activity to promote genomics, and reached more than 21,000 children and adults via school visits and events.
  • Recruited seven genomics champions: specialist and research nurses, a GP, a consultant surgeon, a junior doctor, a genetics clinical fellow and a pharmacist.
  • Development of a competency framework based on ISO 15189 standards, collating all GMC role training packages.

West London NHS GMC

  • Delivered cross-specialty, multidisciplinary genomics training, engaging a wide range of health professions.
  • Set up educational stalls in three local delivery partner hospitals to raise awareness of education and training opportunities.
  • Held patient and public engagement events across the GMC to tie in with national and international events, such as Rare Disease Day.

West Midlands GMC

  • Delivered education for NHS staff, including a genomics masterclass and a training course on consent.
  • Set up a central region genomics education and training network, including a workshop for general practice nurses.
  • Appointed three genomics ambassadors to support the spread and adoption of genomics and genomics education.
  • Promoted genomics at public engagement and school events.

Yorkshire and Humber GMC

  • Delivered bespoke education and training to professionals and students from healthcare and science backgrounds.
  • Held a conference for NHS staff across Yorkshire and the Humber to celebrate the successes of the 100,000 Genomes Project and promote wider awareness of genomic testing.
  • Collaborated with the University of Leeds to research how the patient experience is changing in the genomics era.