The programme has developed education and training curricula in genomics for a range of professions

Master’s in Genomic Medicine

This Master’s-level framework enables healthcare professionals of different specialisms and grades to develop an appropriate understanding of genomic medicine. The curriculum is delivered by seven Russell Group universities and has been designed to be studied either as a full Master’s degree, a postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma, or as standalone modules for continuing personal and professional development (CPPD).

The GEP first developed the Master’s curriculum in 2014. It was revised in 2017 in consultation with the commissioned HEI providers. The updated framework was implemented by universities in autumn 2018.

Healthcare science

The GEP has worked closely with the National School of Healthcare Science on a number of its training programmes.


The GEP led the development of a number of healthcare science units for the level 4 diploma awards as part of the Healthcare Science Apprenticeship Programme. These include:

  • Scientific Basis of Healthcare Science: NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP) is an integrated three-year training programme for trainee clinical scientists and includes academic study (leading to the award of an MSc in Clinical Science) alongside work-based training.

    As part of its work for the STP, the GEP:

    • established the specialist outcome in NHS Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) is a five-year doctoral-level programme for experienced clinical scientists seeking to become a consultant clinical scientist. It is equivalent to the standards of training undertaken by medical postgraduate trainees and gives HSST trainees the opportunity to gain Medical Royal College qualifications.

      In supporting the HSST, the GEP:

      • led the development of the HSST in Clinical Bioinformatics (Genomics); and
      • funded places on the HSST in Genetics, Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease, and Clinical Bioinformatics (Genomics).
Eileen Gallagher on the NHS Scientist Training Programme   © NSHCS
HSST Dr Jan Taylor
Dr Jan Taylor on the NHS Higher Specialist Scientist Training programme   © NSHCS

Medical professions

The GEP provided expert input during the development phase for the Royal College of General Practitioners‘ revised curricula for GP training programmes. The updated curricula will be implemented into the general practice course from August 2019.