Faculty of Genomic Medicine

The faculty brings together genomic specialists from within the NHS, academic institutions and other healthcare systems worldwide to create a professional community.

The Faculty will serve as the epicentre of knowledge and expertise about how advances in thinking in genomic medicine can be translated into improvements in the routine diagnosis, care and management of patients. It will do this through bringing together genomics expertise from within the NHS, as well as academic institutions and other healthcare systems worldwide.


What is the Faculty?

The faculty is a way to bring together those working within the healthcare sector who have particular focus on personalised medicine and genomics, with the aim of sharing knowledge and best practice. The expectation is that faculty members will act as advocates for genomics within the health service.

Faculty Benefits

Through the Faculty, members can: 

  • Share and gain knowledge across clinical and scientific specialties.
  • Access webinars & workshops led by experts.
  • Network - make connections and enhance relationships.
  • Hear about career and research opportunities.
  • Stay up to date with publications, the latest education tools, videos and national reports that are in the public domain.

Eligible to Join?

The Faculty is a professional community designed to bring together experts and other stakeholders in genomic medicine. We welcome members from the alumni of the MSc in Genomic Medicine, Education and Training Leads, academics, and those driving forward Genomics work. Please complete the form to join.

Join the Faculty!