Genomics Research & Innovation Fellowship Scheme

The Health Education England (HEE) Genomics Education Programme (GEP) funded genomics research fellowship scheme is designed to support the 100,000 Genomes Project and workforce transformation activities associated with mainstreaming genomics into the NHS. In partnership with Genomics England and NHS England, the Genomics Education Programme has funded a number of Research Secondments and Academic Fellowships across the NHS and the wider genomics community, working in collaboration with the appropriate Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnerships (GECIPs).

Nine successful applicants are now ready to begin their academic research projects under the HEE research and innovation fellowship scheme.

Meet the Successful Candidates Below

Post DoctoralJamie Ellingford

Jamie Ellingford

EIGER: a bioinformatics approach to Evaluate and Integrate Genomic variation impacting gene Expression and Regulation.

2 yearsFull time
Post DoctoralRichard Turner

Richard Turner

Evaluating the potential of pharmacogenomics using whole genome sequences to reduce drug toxicity.

4 yearsPart time
Post DoctoralCeline Lewis

Celine Lewis

Exploring and enhancing decision making about genome sequencing among young people.

2 yearsFull time
Post DoctoralJana Vandrovcova

Jana Vandrovcova

A search for the missing: the utility of whole genome sequencing in clinical grade diagnostics of hereditary neurological disorders.

2 yearsFull time
DoctoralNiamh Appleby

Niamh Appleby

Development and Evaluation of the clinical utility of plasma-based ultra sensitive detection methods for high risk chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and lymphoma.

3 yearsFull time
DoctoralDimitra Repana

Dimitra Repana

Functional validation of predicted synthetic lethal interactions in colorectal cancer patients.

3 yearsFull time
SecondmentDaniel Lindsay

Daniel Lindsay

Germline alteration in cancer exomes/genomes.

2 yearsPart time
SecondmentLisa Ballard

Lisa Ballard

Family communication of results from the 100,000 Genomes Project: designing an on-line intervention.

2 yearsPart time
SecondmentStephanie Greville-Heygate

Stephanie Greville-Heygate

Utilisation of histopathological and tumour somatic profiling to better classify VUS in familial cancer.

1 yearFull time